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Disney Goth T-Shirt (Limited Edition)

Welcome, foolish mortals! Go on… take a bite!

Show your unique Disney Side with one of our new Disney Goth t-shirts!

Perfect for evil queens, ghouls, minions of Maleficent, grim grinning ghosts, or for your next trip up to Bald Mountain. Also great to wear the next time you go to Mickey’s Not-So-Spooky Halloween Party!

A “Disney Goth” is someone who loves Disney movies and parks but identifies more with the villains and dark rides; who has a cadaverous pallor and stays playfully spooky; who loves black, green and purple, and haunt their best in gloomy darkness, so no flash pictures…please!

This shirt has a disquieting metamorphosis under a black light, giving off an otherworldly glow.

Design measures roughly 12” across and 6.5” high. Model wearing a size small. For size specs, please visit: