Creme Fatale T-shirt final pattern

Creme Fatale T-shirt by Black Mast!

Today we take a look at our collaboration with Creme Fatale to produce her new merch (t-shirts available at Drag Queen Merch!)! Brandon designed the shirt which features nine illustrations of Creme’s most iconic looks. We also art directed the photo shoot, producing the promotional and catalog images you see.



One chilly December 2016 night, Creme Fatale and I met to talk about her inspiration and figuring out art direction. Color became important very quickly. We kept circling back to retro diners, and the sometimes alien nature of Creme’s looks! This led us further into “Atomic Age” territory, which magically lead us to an image that ended up becoming the color pallete for the shirt!

While “Atomic Age” was the overall visual theme, there was still the topic of illustration style to figure out. Ultimately, we wanted this melding of “kawaii” and Roy Lichtenstein comic book styles. Since the focus was the varied looks Creme creates, I knew it was important to recreate them as accurate as possible, including the subtle gradation of colors to mimic her makeup blending. So the illustrations ended up being exaggerated cartoony-yet-rendered representations of the looks creme created.

Sparkles were also important!! It continued some of the visual language from the “atomic age” pattern as well as emphasized rhinestones and glitter! Some of the vintage Barbie packaging was perfect inspiration for incorporating that style into this project.



Nine Looks, One Pattern:

Check out the final illustrations below! I recorded myself illustrating 8 of the 9 illustrations (forgot to record one, whoops!) and you can view the timelapse videos below as well!

While I worked on all the illustrations, Creme was in contact with Drag Queen Merch figuring out logistics of getting shirts printed for DragCon, and having something handy for a promotional photoshoot.



The Photoshoot:



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