The Broni Mitchell Show

The Broni Mitchell Show

The Broni Mitchell show is a monthly Drag and live music revue, featuring classic lip-synced performances as well as acoustic musical covers and original songs. It was created by Laundra Tyme and Scarlett Letters, and is also hosted by Creme Fatale (collectively they’re known as The House of Tips). It features their drag family, as well as various performers from the greater bay area. It’s been a great way to showcase drag and musical talent alike, and Marie and I have been regular attendees of their conceptual shows.

As they prepared to refresh the monthly event, Laundra asked me to develop a logo! The show typically features a 60s-70s theme in song selection and styling, so naturally the branding should reflect the same. Laundra and I discussed her inspirations behind the show and how she wanted to present it, as well as color themes of the time, and her favorite logos, posters and album art from that era. Even though it was a modern creation, I feel like Austin Powers did a good job at conveying the retro-psychedelic style of the mid to late 60s.


Pretty GROOVY, right? This allowed me to develop a handful of options based on our discussions and the presented inspiration. We used those classic browns and mustard yellows that were heavily featured in the 70s.


After reviewing these, we made a few adjustments to one of the options, coming to this final logo!

The Broni Mitchell Show Final Logo
The Broni Mitchell Show Final Logo


For the first month, photographer Mark Christopher helped them recreate a “Valley of the Dolls” motif for the poster.

Broni Mitchell Show Carnivale
Creme Fatale, Laundra Tyme, and Scarlett Letters by Mark Christopher

If you’d like to keep up with the Broni Mitchell shenanigans, follow their page on Facebook! Broni Mitchell Returns on March 19th at the Stud in San Francisco!


Until next time kids,