Music Inspiration: Weekend – Jinx

Something I’ve discovered about myself the last few years is that shoegaze might just be my spirit animal. don’t get me wrong, I like quite a spread of music; rock, pop, electro, folk, etc. but there’s something about that 80s synth rock sound that appears in much of shoegaze that cuts right to my core. So naturally, a post-punk, new wave, synth-ey, shoegaze-ey band like Weekend is right up my alley.

These guys are friends of friends from when they lived in San Francisco. I met them before I knew any of their music. I have been fangirling over their newest album, Jinx, since it came out in July. Strangely enough, July is also the title of my favorite track on the album (listen above).

Haunting vocals singing gloomy lyrics, Echoed distortion on guitar, sharp snares, what’s not to love? The whole album, July in particular, reminds me of summers past, and summers that have yet to happen. There is warmth in the sound even if the lyrics have a chill to them.

My admiration of this album was completely solidified after seeing them perform at The Chapel on Valencia in San Francisco on September 12. Shawn, Kevin, and Abe have created my soundtrack for 2013.

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