I know ya want it…

We’re kickin’ up our blog game, because let’s be real – there are two people behind the curtain of Black Mast and we want to share our brand and our experience with you. YOU. So we’ll be posting more often about new products, living on the dark side of San Francisco (no, not the Sunset District) y mucho mas….comment back or shoot us an email anytime so we can chat!

Here’s a lil update on where we are in preparation for SF Zine Fest in a couple weeks!

  • Shirts? We got ’em. Two styles, every size. Come by to check out our homage to the living and the dead.
  • Prints? We got ’em. Three to choose from, all $5 (holla). Mix and match or take home all three.
  • Notebooks? YEP! Write, draw, scribble, doodle, do whatever the h-ll you want between the covers of our limited edition printed moleskines.
  • Bandanas, stickers, buttons? yes Yes YES! It will all be there at Zine Fest for you to snag.

And finally…WE WILL BE THERE! Brandon and I will be manning (or people-ing) the table the entire weekend. Come by to chat, duet, or just give us the signal and we will leave you alone while you browse. We’re super excited and we can’t wait to meet you!

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